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30 Giu

Barceloneta on your Segway

Spring is round the corner and the city awaits newcomers like the bees await new flowers. Whether this is your first time in Barcelona or you’re coming back for more, the true spirit of fishermen and sailors awaits you in the picturesque Barceloneta, an area of town that still retains the unique flavour of narrow streets that taste of salt. There is no better way to awaken your senses after the winter than moving across Barceloneta on top of a Segway with the air hitting your face. Hop on it and discover all the authentic bars that still remain here, those that have been passed on generation after generation and still hold the first Pepsi bottles on their dusty shelves, meet the grandmas on their pink dressing gowns walking their dogs and the kids queuing up for fresh bread. In this character filled streets, people hang their clothes at street level and you’ll be surprised nobody worries about thieves running away with somebody else’s trousers, I guess the ethos of the good old times is alive and kicking in this part of the city developers luckily forgot. Right by the Mediterranean, there are seafood restaurants here you must try, with none of the trappings of the more touristy areas, such as the restaurant Can Majó on l’Almirall Aixada 23, where you must try the rice cauldron with lobster speciality. You can enjoy it surrounded by soothing blue walls or on the terrace and continue afterwards with a little tour of cocktail terraces with considerably good mojitos and old men with sun beaten faces staring at the sea. Move freely, let yourself go, and if you need some serious cultural input to compensate for the food indulgence, you can also visit the History Museum of Catalonia, on the Passeig de Borbó, which narrates the history of Catalonia through a variety of objects and documents or a small museum called Casa de la Barceloneta, to get an insight into the history and evolution of the neighbourhood. Bordered by the sea, Barceloneta is the perfect place to get lost and holds a marine scent that covers you in a kind of sweet dampness, some call it nostalgia, you will certainly carry home with you.