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Book now your electric scooter, and discover Barcelona on your own.


Fun and easy to ride!


If you are looking for a more exciting tour trip in Barcelona, you can travel on an Eco-friendly electric scooter, is much faster and takes much less effort than a bicycle.
Riding on an eScooter in Barcelona is easy and fun, it is the best way to move quickly and easily around the city and exploring the many interesting sites, on your own.
Barcelona has many amazing sights and landmarks and if you do not want to miss any of its incredible attractions like the Basílica Sagrada Familia, the Arc de Triomf or the Cathedral of Barcelona, do not hesitate to get an eScooter to reach all of them easily and at your own time.
If it’s your first time driving an electric scooter do not worry, it’s safe, fun and easy to learn! After an explanation from our friendly staff, you will be ready to drive your eScooter safely.
You have also the option of exploring the sites with a pre-programmed GPS Gaudí route.  Do not hesitate to ask  information, advice and recommendations you might need, our team will be happy to help you.

We’d love to have your family with us and to accommodate young children we have an eScooter with child seat for children until 3 years old.


eScooters are becoming more and more popular in Barcelona as an alternative to other forms of public transport. It’s a great and comfortable way to get around and explore the city and it’s also environmentally friendly. So next time you want to explore the city, or simply need to get somewhere, why not try an eScooter?




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