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Montserrat Travel Guide – Best Attractions to Visit

Written by Elisa Rodrigues

Montserrat Mountain is one of the best locations in Catalonia, the views and sceneries you will see from Montserrat are breathtaking. This travel guide will help you to make the most out of your experience.


Montserrat is a mountain located 50 km from Barcelona, Spain. Reaches over 4000 feet/1236 meters high and is a prominent mountain made from enormous slabs of grey rock. In fact, the word Montserrat literally means “serrated mountain”, the mountain is also called “La muntanya dels cent cims” (The mountain of 100 peaks).  Every year thousands of visitors – alpinists, climbers, cultural tourists, ecotourists, hikers, nature lovers, mountain bikers, pilgrims and speleologists come to visit Montserrat.

There are many attractions to visit such as the Monastery Santa Maria de Montserrat and the Natural Park of Montserrat, one of Catalunya’s most beautiful natural parks, where you can find several routes of different complexity levels. If you are interested in the outdoors or in wildlife you will be impressed with the views of surrounding areas.

Exploring Montserrat mountain has become, today, one of the most popular day trips in Catalonia.